The Best Men’s Hair in Cardiff

There’s nothing like a fresh haircut to make you look and feel your best. Our stylists and barbers are highly trained in the latest precision cutting skills and techniques to provide you with a stylish men’s haircut that is suited to you.  We stay up-to-date with the latest trends for men’s hair so that you don’t have to! If you’re not sure what hairstyle you want, we can recommend a range of fashionable and wearable hairstyles for men.


Areas We Cover






Classic Men's Hairstyles

Everyone loves a classic, and the same goes for classic men’s hairstyles! The “short back and sides” is a classic men’s haircut that continues to be a crowd-pleaser. This haircut is so great because it suits most men!

If you want to upgrade this classic haircut with a modern twist, we can leave your hair longer on top so that you have more to work with when you’re styling your hair.

Our professional barbers and stylists at Salon Nia in Radyr can even show you the best ways to style your new classic gent’s haircut!

Best Cardiff Salon For Men's Haircuts

Fades & Disconnects

If you want a men’s haircut that’s on-trend, a disconnected undercut is currently a top men’s hair trend!

This haircut involves one of our skilled stylists shaving or cutting the sides of your hair very short. There is then a noticeable contrast between the long hair on the top of your head and the shorter hair on the sides. This is what creates the “disconnected” look.

For an extra stylish gent’s hairstyle, ask for this haircut paired with a fade or skin fade and you’ll look seriously sharp.


Eyebrow Grooming for Men

Men’s grooming has come a long way over the years, and a lot of men are taking more care of their appearance.

If you struggle with bushy brows and aren’t quite sure how to keep them under control, we can help. We provide the best brow grooming and beauty services in Radyr, and so we can trim and transform your eyebrows to look neat and tidy.